The Covenant was written by Elizabeth and Robert Muren in the fall of 2000. The inspiration for writing the musical was the relationship between the Christian church and the Jewish people through history and the dramatic time for the State of Israel today. The message to Israel is simple: We love you, you are not alone and God has not forgotten you.

Chuck King, the music director for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, ICEJ, saw the potential in The Coveant to speak comfort and encouragement to the Jewish people, and invited the Murens to have The Covenant premiered at the opening night of the Feast of Tabernacles in September 2001. From this first performance, The Covenant had a unique impact on its audiences as the message of God’s faithfulness to His people was presented. Since then, The Covenant has was produced by the ICEJ in Israel, Europe, the U.S. and Canada. 

In Israel, The Covenant was translated to Hebrew by the late Ehud Manor, who was one of Israel's best known and loved cultural personalities. He was a recipient of the Israel Prize, Israel's most prestigious award, and a prolific songwriter, poet, translator and radio and TV personality.

The sound track of The Covenant is arranged and produced by Kenneth Eriksen of Norway.

From 2008, The Covenant is presented live in The Jerusalem Pavilion with weekly performances both spring and fall. Thousands of people came to the premiere seaseon of the Jerusalem performances in March 2008, and thousands more attended the fall season with 17 performances.

The Murens

Chuck King

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

Ehud Manor

Kenneth Eriksen

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